Fig. 1. AVA™ sample

We have a unique technology, called All Viewing Angle (AVA™), which can enhance the viewing angles of LCD greatly, to 180 degrees in one direction and 120 degrees in the other direction. This technology can be used to make LCD signage that can rival normal LED signage, in brightness, viewing angles and resolution. The advantages are

(1) AVA™ is 50% the cost of LED
(2) AVA™ can afford much better resolution than LED, which are in the form of dots
(3) AVA™ can be drive and controlled using conventional LCD driving method.

Fig. 1 shows a 2’x5’ AVA™ sign. One can see the great viewing angle of this display. At even 75o from the normal, the sign can still be seen easily. The AVA™ offers much better resolution and readability than ordinary LED signage.