Surface-mount assembly machines
(Fuji CP-6 chip shooter)
Mounting rate with 9 components per second and production capacity with 400,000 pcs per day, with 6 nozzles per head allowing a large variety of parts to be placed such as 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, accuracy in +/- 0.1mm, the chip shooter provides high speed and precise accuracy for surface mount assembly.

Multi-Function Chip Mounter
(Yamaha, YVL-88 with vision system)
By using CCD cameras and functions in conjunction with the laser recognition function to enhance fine pitch mounting parts, it can handle QF, BGA, micro-BGA, CSP, PLCC and 100mm long connector, transducer, etc, with sized such as 1005 and 0402 where maximum component height at 15mm.

Hot air re-flow oven
(Vitronics Unitherm SMR-40)
The primary goal of reflow soldering is to generate adequate mechanical and electrical solder joints for surface mount components.
It is designed for low maintenance and 24 hour-a-day operation. It delivers low nitrogen and power consumption while providing the cleanest in the industry. It offers a choice of air, nitrogen ready, and nitrogen models with unique atmosphere switching options.

Dual-wave soldering machine
It ensures not only to flexibly fit to lead-free soldering but also to bring users benefits of high-performance at a low cost:
Productivity: 180 PCBs
Conveyor speed: 1,200mm/min
PCB length: 400mm
Applicable PCB Width: 35 - 300mm

Products assembly and testing
LCD modules are assembled by well trained workers.
Workbench are full equipped such as microscope with monitor.

Fully Automatic LCD Cell Gap Measurement
(CG 300)
This is a non-microscope based big spot cell gap and retardation measurement machine.
Both sample stage and analyzer ratation are fully automatic.
Recommended for CSTN measurement.

Complete Measurement of LCD’s Electro-optical Characteristics for Mass Productions
(EO 200)
This non-microscope based EO machine is designed to accommodate different test jig for better flexible cell testing

LCD Backlight Measurement System
(BL 300)
This is a measurement system capable of measuring all electro-optic characteristics of Light Emitting Diode (LED), which is widely used in the backlight system of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
It supports comprehensive measurements on all kinds of backlight panels.
Pattern and Missing Segment Checking
(PAT 100)
This system is able to detect missing patterns and segments

Programmable Humidity Chamber
It is suited for components, accessories and semi products reliability and temperature (-70C V 150C)/ humidity testing (RH can be 98%).
The heater is automatically activated depending on the temperature setting to prevent blur and save wiper operation, user can always observe the chamber from the sight window under the best condition.