"Bona Fides", an original Latin English word, means "Good Faith" and "Sincerity". Our company is also aiming at providing our valuable customers products and services of high quality and advanced technology in good faith and sincerity.

Bona Fide Technology Ltd. was established in 1995 as an LCD specialist producing high quality LCD products and display systems at competitive price.
In 2007, we are merged with Crystal Clear Technology Ltd, a well-known LCD manufacturer in Malaysia, which further enhances our production capacity and technology as well as our financial resources. After our continuing effort in product development and quality system establishment, we are now well known in the LCD industry of providing wide variety of LCD products, and particularly excel in custom made LCM. We are capable of producing TN, HTN, STN and FSTN LCD panels and modules with TAB, COB and COG bonding technology according to customer’s requirement. Nowadays, we possess design capability of driving circuit, PCB layout, software development, backlighting system, mechanical parts, plastic molding and metal stamping molding. That explains why our customers regard us as a bona fide "ONE STOP SOLUTION" provider of Display Products.

In 2006, BONA Fide has merged with Semic Technology Ltd, a well-known solution house, which further strengths to our OEM/ODM solution and technology. Therefore, besides our expertise in LCD/LCM design and manufacturing, we also own sophisticated production facilities for OEM/ODM services. Together with our experienced engineers, quality assurance professionals and efficient production team, we can provide our customers one-stop solution from product design to mass production.

Since 2000, we have collaborated with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, one of the leading universities in display technology research in the world, for innovative products (e.g. AVA?, MIRA? and KALA?). A number of products have been developed successfully with patent granted.

Our staff in Bona Fide are energetic, creative and customer-oriented. We always keep pace with the state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best quality of products and services delivering to our customers.