| Bona Fide color TFT LCD modules

Our color TFT LCD modules are available in various sizes from 1.3" to 15.6”. These TFT modules include options of wide temperature range, different brightness, touch panel, cover lens, VCOM board, HDMI board and controller board. industry standard mono TFT modules are also available.

| We provide various graphic display resolutions

Various graphic display resolutions are available including QVGA (320 x 240), WQVGA (480x272), VGA (640x480), WVGA (800x480), HVGA (640x320), 1024x600, XGA (1024x768) and WXGA (1280x800). Interface is available among SPI, Parallel, RGB, MIPI and LVDS. Capacitive and Resistive Touch Panels are available as options, with flat or curved cover lens designed to fit customer’s requirement.


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We're thrilled to announce that our manufacturing facilities in Malaysia has achieved ISO certification!

We're committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence in all that we do.

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Products Overview

Employing COB, COG and TAB, together with in-house design and production of LED backlight, we can provide LCD modules that best suit customer’s requirements.

You can simply select from our standard list of character type, graphic type or alphanumeric type LCD modules. In case no standard model can fit your design, we can custom-made one for you.

We can design and manufacture LED backlight to meet your requirements.

2.8” Color TFT

7” Color TFT

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480 x 480 Color TFT

480 x 480 Color TFT

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